Articles from Word in Time

Greenbelt 2011

This Greenbelt podcast features interviews with Dalit human rights campaigner Vincent Manoharan; the writer and performer Stella Duffy and the President of the Methodist Conference, Reverend Leo Osborn. Media Officer Karen Burke finds out how TV and radio producer John Forrest helped to run the Methodist-supported film school at the festival and she also discovers what Niall Cooper from Church Action on Poverty thought about the UK riots.

Sierra Leone: 50 years of independence, 200 years of Methodist mission

In April, the west African state of Sierra Leone celebrated a half century of independence. George Luke visited the country to find out what role the Methodist Church of Sierra Leone was playing in the celebrations - and to hear about another big celebration the Church has coming up later in the year. He spoke to the Revd Arnold Temple (President of the MCSL) and to Peter Clark, a mission partner currently serving in Sierra Leone.

Churches gear up for 2012 Olympics

The 2012 Games is just over a year away - but are we ready? Karen Burke interviews Revd Dr Martyn Atkins, General Secretary of the Methodist Church, to find out why he's getting excited. She also interviews Methodist Jean Skillen who remembers the 1948 Wembley Games, and she speaks to Olympic judge Bob Miller about his role in events.

AV, Chile and Rural Chaplaincy

Britain is just days away from a referendum, but what's it all about? Rachel Lampard offers some clarity on AV. Joanne Cox travelled the length of Chile with a bus full of youth bent on evangelism - she tells all to Anna Drew. And Gordon Gatward of the Arthur Rank Centre explains the lifeline that chaplaincy offers to rural communities.

The World at Home and Abroad

The world has suffered a number of natural disasters in 2011. In January, rising flood waters affected people in Australia, Brazil, Tamil Nadu, Colombia, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. More recently, lives were lost in New Zealand and Japan from earthquakes and a tsunami. Karen Burke speaks to the President and Secretary of the Methodist Church in Haiti to find out what has happened one year after the Caribbean island was devastated by an earthquake. She also talks to Sheila Norris, a Methodist mission partner in Japan, following the earthquake and tsunami on March 11.

Diana Souhami on Edith Cavell

Whitbread award-winning writer Diana Souhami speaks to Karen Burke about her latest book on the Christian nurse Edith Cavell; Methodist art trustee Sarah Middleton gives the low-down on the Methodist Art Collection and David Grimwood, Development Officer for the charity Artserve, talks about worship through art.