Articles from Word in Time

Bangladesh: The Real Cost of Clothing

In this edition, Eve Parker will be interviewing Steve Pearce, Partnership Coordinator for Asia and the Pacific. Steve will be talking about the social realities for garment workers in Bangladesh, and describing the ways in which the Church of Bangladesh has worked hard in helping the victims of the Savar Tragedy in Dhaka. Steve will also be discussing the upcoming launch event that takes place on September 5th organised by the UK Church group for Bangladesh.

Aspects of Evangelism

Evangelism is an often misused and frequently feared word
for Christians and for Methodists. This series of short
conversation guides aims to put evangelism back on the map, and to
help individuals and groups explore some of the issues and

Methodism in Nigeria; Anglican-Methodist relations in UK

In this edition, we hear what Methodism means in Nigeria and how Methodists and Anglicans in the UK are working together ecumenically. Karen Burke finds out why the Prelate of the Methodist Church in Nigeria, His Eminence Doctor Sunday Ola. Makinde, is visiting England. She also talks to Sarah Friswell, PR manager for St Edmundsbury Cathedral and Chair of the Methodist Heritage Committee, to hear what came out of a recent dialogue between Anglicans and Methodists.

First Impressions Count

First Impressions Count is a freely downloadable workshop
designed to help churches reflect on the welcome that a visitor
experiences when they first walk into a church. Designed for a 2 ½
hour training session, the workshop is divided into thr...

Rachel Mann

Anna Drew interviews the poet, writer and musician Rachel Mann about her book, Dazzling Darkness – a memoir and theological reflection exploring questions around gender and identity. Rachel, who was born Nick, is an Anglican priest. She was ordained into the Church of England in 2005 and is priest-in-charge of St Nicholas Burnage. Her book draws on insights from desert spirituality, queer theology, Greek tragedy and philosophy.