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Special Edition Podcast: Michael Hampson

In this special edition podcast, Toby Scott speaks to Michael Hampson, former priest and author of the controversial book 'Last Rites: The End of the Church of England' about his views and what they mean for other traditions. Please note that the views expressed in this interview do not necessarily reflect those of the Methodist Church.

October Podcast 2006

Our apologies for the lack of a podcast in September - this was due to illness.
This month, Anna talks to Karen Inwood about the role of Permaculture in helping the people of El Salvador to recover after Hurricane Stan. Margaret Nakato speaks to Toby about an initiative in Uganda that helps women to control and profit from their own small farms, and Ann Le Manse and Gillian Hibbs give us their thoughts on getting young people involved in church.

August 2006 Podcast

Hear a follow up on relief work following last year's earthquake in Pakistan, Anthea Cox and Jonathan Kerry talk about their 'mountain top' experience, Vice President of Conference Dudley Coates on the recent General Synod of the Church of England

May 2006 Podcast

His Eminence Sunday Mbang, head of the Methodist Church in Nigeria, joins us in the studio to talk about overcoming church conflict and faith boundaries. Also, Tom Quenet from the World Church team speaks to Toby about seeing Jesus in unexpected places, and fresh from playing at Easter People, Christian rock band Tears of Solomon share their thoughts on faith in a busy world.

April 2006 Podcast

Toby speaks to Samantha Tuck about groundbreaking new projects to help the people of Ethiopia. Also, Steve Hucklesby explains the importance of access to water as a basic human right and Anna takes a trip to Bluewater to meet the chaplaincy team for Europe's largest shopping centre.

March 2006 Podcast

This month Christine Elliott speaks of hardship in Pakistan following the massive October earthquake, we discuss the Russian prison system with chaplain Yelena Tishenco, and Graham Horsley brings us the latest from Fresh Expressions.

February 2006 Podcast

Back after the New Year break, we talk to Kirsty Smith about the successes and future of the MAKE POVERTY HISTORY campaign, Jan Sutch Picard tells us about life for children on the West Bank and we ask Jonathan Bartley whether politics and religion really can mix.

December Podcast 2005

In the final podcast of 2005, we hear from Prakash Wagle from the education charity Kopila Nepal and Co-ordinating Secretary Jonathan Kerry about his travels in the Far East. We also speak to new Youth President Kevin Jones and leaving Youth President Chris Cornell about Youth Conference and their struggles with the Church.

November Podcast 2005

Our November podcast features a contribution from Tom Stuckey, President of the Conference, at a recent rally outside the Houses of Parliament in favour of trade justice. We also have interviews with Youth Executive member John Cooper and Lawrence Waring, the editor of Methodist news magazine Momentum. It was produced by Anna Drew and Toby Scott at Methodist Church House, and edited by Anna Drew.