Articles from Word in Time

August Podcast

Back after the summer break, in this month's podcast we hear about Manchester's Riddle of Life campaign, Toby speaks to Sylvester Deigh about breathing fresh life into churches and Mark Howe gives us the latest from St Pixels, the Church of the Internet.

May Podcast 2007

If your church uses music, movie clips or cartoons as part of worship and outreach, Chris Williams has everything you need to know about copyright law. Also, Alastair McIver from Interserve speaks to Anna about their upcoming Rickshaw Tour and Steve Pearce explains why a new initiative is encouraging children to be a force for peace.

April Podcast 2007

Michaela Youngson gave up shopping for Lent. She talks to Toby about the highs and lows of retail deprivation. The Revd Tom Quenet shares his thoughts on what we can learn from the churches of Latin America. Coordinating secretaries Anthea Cox and Jonathan Kerry are back with a slightly different fundraising idea...

March Podcast 2007

This month, Bishops Rosemary Wenner & Patrick Streiff from Methodist churches in Europe take time out from their visit to share the joys and challenges of working within diversity. Anna speaks to Dr David Clough about the rights and wrongs of eating meat and Toby asks General Secretary David Deeks and Coordinating Secretary Ken Howcroft about the changes and challenge facing today's Church.

February Podcast 2007

February was the Methodist Church's month of prayer for inter faith relations. Dr Elizabeth Harris told Toby how the idea came about and Barney Leith spoke to Anna about the world's second most widespread religion - the Baha'i faith. And Buddhist Megume Hirota shares her thoughts on being a part of a small religious group in diverse British society.

(slightly late) January Podcast 2007

How do we bridge the gap between Christianity and culture? Toby spoke to Alison Pollard, editor of popular Christian web forum The Interface. Around 250 million Christians throughout the world are currently affected by persecution. Claire Myring from Release International explained to Anna what it means to be persecuted. And Young Adult Pastor Jonathan Green joined Toby in the studio to talk about Sanctuary Westminster - a growing worship community in the heart of London.

December Podcast 2006

Are you listening? In the final podcast of 2006, Maggie Curtis from the Acorn Christian Healing Foundation shares some tips on the benefits that listening brings to the healing process. Also, Doug Swanney takes a trip to Edinburgh to find out what children want from Church and Anna speaks to Tony Miles about the controversial Churches Advertising Network Christmas campaign.

November Podcast 2006

This month, Methodist Children's Secretary Steve Pearce and Mary-Alice Gran from the United Methodist Church discuss the joys and challenges of children's work on both sides of the Atlantic; The Revd Gareth Hill, minister in Polzeath, speaks to Anna about the Tubestation, an initiative reaching out to surfers in Cornwall and Toby asks Ship of Fools Editor, Simon Jenkins about St Pixels, a new online church sponsored by The Methodist Church.

Special Edition Podcast: Michael Hampson

In this special edition podcast, Toby Scott speaks to Michael Hampson, former priest and author of the controversial book 'Last Rites: The End of the Church of England' about his views and what they mean for other traditions. Please note that the views expressed in this interview do not necessarily reflect those of the Methodist Church.