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Sacred Spaces – A floating axe head & no sound

I came across this verse from Alive to God this morning.  And I have to share it: From 2 Kings 6.  An unusual encounter.  A great story.  Axe heads don’t float.  But with God, all sorts of things are possible.  Perhaps you are facing a seemingly impossible situation.  Take heart.  God can make axe heads float… So […]

Sacred Spaces 489 – You are a tree

I had a moment of creativity with this week’s Sacred Space. No 489 – You are a tree! Filed under: 2016 Tagged: a good tree bears good fruit, Bearing fruit, Faithfulness, Fruits of the spirit, Galatians 5: 22, Gentleness, Goodness, joy, Kindness, Love, Patience, peace, Sacred Spaces, Self control, The Christian life, Tree of Life

Sacred Spaces 488 – Faith

Catherine said to me recently that Christianity / relationship with God is not an intellectual thing or an emotional thing.  It’s a FAITH thing. That conversation has not left me over the last few days. Sometimes following God goes past our intellect and emotions. Both those are not a good enough foundation. Because sometimes we […]