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An honest interview with the church (Question 1 – What is with the singing in church?)

Week one’s post is here (Sacred Spaces 482) The Interviewer:              I’ve always wondered about the absurdity of a whole bunch of people; literally millions, all over the world at around 9am or 10am on a Sunday morning – who are all facing a certain direction (the screen upon a wall) and singing songs to an unseen […]

Mister God, this is Anna

I really like how a book find it’s way into my life. This one lay on the desk of our church receptionist. I picked it up. The brown pages, the brief and honest synopsis invited me to read it: This little girl, Anna has such a simple and yet very profound outlook on faith and […]

Sacred Spaces 482– Listen to music:

This past weekend, I learnt quite a bit from the Global Leadership Summit With various speakers taking to the stage, teaching and sharing some thoughts/lessons on leadership; the session that tugged at something in me was the Saturday morning one after the interview with Brian Houston (from Hillsong Church acclaim). Bill Hybels played a song […]