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Sacred Spaces 475– “Turn if off” advice

Originally posted on Of Colours and Discovery:
1 September 2015 I came across this devotional reading from Our Daily Bread recently and I really was grabbed by the lesson of it.  It seemed so obvious and yet so very impactful. The story is humorous in a way.  I can just imagine the kid’s shocked…

Sacred Spaces 473– Not just “please” and “thank you”

18 August 2015 During the past week on our honeymoon, I enjoyed the many conversations my wife and I had.  Catherine shared with me how a lot of people tend to just offer prayers of “thank you’s” and “please” to God.  And that’s it.  The entire relationship.  The conversation stops there. Isn’t there just so […]

Sacred Spaces 469– Look Up!

14 July 2015 Yesterday, on the way out from my weekend in the Drakensberg for my Bachelors; five of us decided to look for a geocache.[1] We spent an entire half an hour scratching around the rocks; but to no avail.  We could not find the cache. We were defeated.  Disheartened by this well-hidden container. […]

Sacred Spaces 468– Back to Back

8 July 2015 Today, is a month till, I get married to my beautiful Catherine. I’m so excited! Now, I’m no expert on love, but I discovered lyrics of an artist whom I respect a lot; that captures love so well.  Thank you Dustin Kensrue: When the call hasn’t come, Let me sit with you […]