Articles from Darrel Hofland's Sacred Spaces

Sacred Spaces – Dubai edition

Sitting here between the two flights; thinking some things and reading past entries of a travel notebook I have. I came across lyrics that I wrote: Pretty cool words! That was written years back. But the message – I still feel in my heart. “If i lose the words may I find them in You.” […]

Sacred Spaces 550 – Lungs

It was as if I zoned in or the others zoned out. I felt like I was the only one there. It was supposed to be a big Youth Day event. But the support was minimal. But it didn’t matter. I got to sing from the heart again. I am not usually a fan of […]

Sacred Spaces 549 – Maybe the word Purpose is not too helpful?

This morning, I heard someone mention “finding the purpose of your life.” Others have asked “What is God’s purpose for your life?” Or another: “Are you living out your purpose?” — I get the intention behind the word… But maybe the word: Purpose is not entirely helpful…? Hear me out: The people who haven’t “found […]

Sacred Spaces 548 – I lift my hands

This morning the projector was not working. But that was okay. The church got to sing from memory (Perhaps, the screen makes people lazy?) And in having to concentrate on the songs we’re singing – recalling the lyrics to mind – it felt as if the church sang with more conviction. The song that grabbed […]